Reisschema verkregen van HTreizen voor 27 Mei t/m 10 Juni:


Day 1: Arrival to Marrakech &Transfer to the ISLANE hotel.
Day 2: Transfer from Marrakech to Oukaimden highest ski resort in Africa, night in mountain house.

Day 3: From Oukaimden to Tachedirt by Tizi n’Addi. pass, night in berber house or camp.
Day 4: We leave Tachedirt to Azib Likemt, by Tizi n’Likemt pass, camp.

Day 5: From Azib Likemt to Amsouzart, night in berber house.
Day 6: from Amsouzart to Tisselday, camp.
Day 7: from Tisselday to Azib Tifni, camp.
Day 8:  from Azib Tifni to Toubkal refuge by Chamharouch village, camp.
Day 9: Toubkal ascent, and back to refuge, camp.
Day 10: Tizi Ouanoums pass, view on Ifni lake, and back to refuge, camp.

Day 11: From Toubkal refuge to Azib Tamsoult, camp. house.
Day 12: Azib Tamsoult to Tekkent. Camp.
Day 13: Tekkent to Tizi Oussem, berber house.
Day 14: Transfer to Marrakech, night in Islane hotel.

Day 15:  Departure